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Twitter Bubble

Twitter Bubble er et plugin med en dynamisk widget, der viser det seneste “pip” eller “tweet” fra en bruger af Twitter.

Twitter Bubble

Twitter Bubble

Designet har taget udgangspunkt i — og lånt kraftigt fra — Ida Aukens hjemmeside, og venlige tanker går i den retning…

Indtil videre er der ikke indbygget oversættelse til andre sprog, og det er kun muligt at bruge boblen i en sidebar, men næste udgave skulle gerne sørge for at rette op på i hvert fald de mangler.

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48 svar til “Twitter Bubble”

  1. Stokstaartje siger:

    When I use the plugin, all it shows is the text “Loading…” Is this an issue on the Twitter service side or with the plugin?

  2. Yes, it does sound like a Twitter problem, but could also be related to a JavaScript mixup, do you get any JavaScript errors, that might be related?

  3. Nick siger:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function esc_attr() in /home/myjohnst/public_html/wp-content/plugins/twitter-bubble/twitter-bubble.php on line 30

    That is the error I get..

  4. Nick,

    Sorry about that, it’s one of the new additions to WP 2.8, so the requirements should be listed as 2.8 (or I should use the old functions instead).

    Look out for version 1.1 of TwitterBubble, I’ll fix it either way.

    If you can, please upgrade your WordPress to 2.8.

  5. Ronron siger:

    I get the same problem as the first post, just keep getting “loading…” and nothing shows up. I’m not getting any java scripts error. Could it be incompatible with another WP plugin maybe?

  6. Ronron siger:

    BTW, I have twitter tools installed, is it compatible with it?

  7. Ronron,

    Sorry to hear of your problem, but since it doesn’t seem to be installed on your blog currently, I really can’t closer to a solution.

    And yes, it should be compatible with twitter tools.

  8. Ronron siger:

    It’s installed, I just have to add the widget to the sidebar, which i will do right now :) If you could take a look at it and let me know what you think might be the problem, I would really appreciate it! Thx…

  9. Ronron siger:

    Ok the widget is on the side bar, bellow the tag cloud

  10. Ronron,

    OK, think I found the cause: It seems your theme doesn’t use the hooks wp_head and wp_footer?

    If possible, you could add them yourself, or perhaps upgrade to the newest version of theme, which does include those hooks.

    I’ll make sure to add an FAQ for Twitter Bubble…

  11. Ronron siger:

    Looks like you’re right…I do have the latest version of the theme though, maybe some files got overwritten with my old ones.

    Where do I need to add those 2 hooks? In my theme’s index.php file? If yes, where about in the file?

    thanks a lot for your quick replies and help!

  12. Ronron,

    The hook wp_head() should be added inside the <head> in header.php, and wp_footer() in footer.php, right before the closing </body>.

  13. Ronron siger:

    Hey there,
    so I added both hooks in the correct places, like this: but it still doesn’t work.

    I have the latest version of WordPress installed. I will try another theme to see if it works and if the problem is coming from the theme I’m using.

  14. Ronron siger:

    So I tried 2 other themes and it didn’t fix it. Quick question, in the widget, in the “Account” box, I entered my twitter name, the same one I use to login, which is ronronmx. That’s the right thing to use right?

  15. Ronron,

    Yes, it’s your login/twitter name that goes in the “Account” box.

    Strange. Adding the hooks should make the plugin output its CSS and JavaScript, but they are still not there.
    Any chance you are running PHP in safe mode, perhaps on a Windows machine?

    I’ll be mailing you a release candidate for the next version, please see if that helps.

  16. Ronron siger:

    No I am not running php in safe mode, and it’s php 5. I updated the plugin with the file you sent me, but it’s still not working. I really wonder what could be breaking it…do you want me to send you my header.php and footer.php so that you can see if the hooks are in properly?

    I have about 45 plugins installed, maybe one of them is conflicting with yours?!?

  17. Ronron,

    I don’t think I’ll need your files, it looks like something, perhaps another plugin, is messing with the builtin widget function “is_active_widget()” — and I don’t think any of us wants to go through all 45 to figure out which. :-)

    Another version is on its way to your mailbox, one that doesn’t depend on that function (which isn’t strictly nescessary, just nice).

  18. And that did the trick.

    A new version, 1.1, is now available to all in the WordPress Plugin Catalog.

  19. luca siger:

    is it possible to call a PHP function in order to put it on the header instead of using a widget?

  20. luca,

    It is now!

    The new version 1.2 adds exactly that, see the details in the catalog.

  21. luca siger:

    put it, but the font is too small… how to change it?

  22. luca,

    You can set the font size through the widget interface — simply add the widget to a sidebar, set the font size, and remove it again.

    Otherwise, set the font size through your theme’s CSS, adding something like #twitter_bubble_container ul li { font-size: 125% !important; }.

  23. luca siger:

    Well, since I was modifying something, I made more changes :-) Look at the results:

    I like it a lot you did a great job. I also moved the embedded CSS to my custom CSS. Thanks again!


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  25. Romeo siger:

    Great Plugin, love it.
    If its possible to make a transparent”bubble” it will be nice.. Website with black background have problem with the actually one..
    Anyway… i have translated the plugin in the Albanian Language.. can u email me in order to know ur mail and send the .po and .mo files?


  26. Angela siger:

    I do not use the widget options in there like a manual installion for this plugin in my sidebar, it’s very nice!

  27. Angela siger:

    Never mind, I found the manual options — <?php twitter_bubble(' but when I put it in my sidebar manually, it shows this loading up circle just going and my tweets never showep up. I added in my username and nothing..

  28. Mr.CHoCoLaTe siger:

    thank you for this plug-in

    but I think it is not working completely with WP 2.9

    please can you test it

    thank you


  29. Richard siger:

    I must install it in my theme sidebar using the
    <?php twitter_bubble(' it just spins and does not load. (it works fine as a widget but I can’t do that) what do you mean by “Make sure your theme supports the wp_head() and wp_footer() hooks.”? do they look like this,

    if so, I have them. (head and foot) I have tried adding this:

    to the head (and similar to the footer) is that the correct way to write it? it goes in the head just before the closing head tag? I put it there and the footer just before the closing body tag but still spins

  30. I can’t seem to get the widget to publish from our twitter feed. Any suggestions?

    • Melissa,

      Sorry, do you get some error messages or some other indication?

      Also, the Twitter API doesn’t work right with retweets, so if your latest tweet is a retweet, nothing shows up…

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  32. asansör siger:

    I do not use the widget options in there like a manual installion for this plugin in my sidebar, it’s very nice!

  33. Karine siger:

    Great plugin, but not showing tweets properly when too long… its sad, i love the plugin but i wont be able to use it :(

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